Advisory Council

The Advisory Council serves as the Regional Response Team’s governing body, ensuring that its strategic direction aligns with community priorities and needs.

Members of the Advisory Council represent organizations and individuals working within the Regional Response Team’s five-county service area—City of St. Louis, St. Louis County, St. Charles County, Madison County, and St. Clair County—who are committed to racial equity, systems change, and enhanced community collaboration. Advisory Council members will coordinate responses to crises and longstanding community needs. 

Advisory Council Members:

Kristen Sorth, St. Louis County Library – Chair

Jim Wallis, Chestnut Health Systems- Co-Chair

Ben Perrin, Catholic Charities of St. Louis

Regina Greer, United Way

Rebecca Zoll, North County, Inc.

Julie Erickson, RX Outreach

Dr. Andwele Jolly, St. Louis Integrated Health Network – RRT CAN Co-Chair

Deb Patterson, Retired, Community Volunteer

Haley Elkins, St. Louis County Department of Health

Elizabeth George, St. Louis Community Foundation

Linda Huntspon, Community Action Agency of St. Louis County – RRT CAN Co-Chair

Wendy Orson, Behavioral Health Network

Charlotte Hammond, Challenge Unlimited

Pat Holterman-Holmes, Youth in Need

Howard Hayes, St. Louis County Department of Human Services

Shontae Fluelen, St. Louis City Department of Health